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Tabula Rasa Energy owns, operates and participates in projects focused on the revitalization of mature oil field(s), emphasizing enhanced oil recovery (EOR) potential through CO2 injection. The Executive Management team of Tabula Rasa has more than 120 years of collective operating experience in managing and operating oil and gas facilities. The team has specific experience in the upstream, midstream and downstream space and has been involved in a wide array of CO2 tertiary-flooding projects in both the domestic U.S. and Canada. Tabula Rasa Energy currently operates in the Permian Basin of West Texas. The group is actively looking for further acquisitions with CO2-EOR potential. The company is also in discussions with current operators interested in a collaborative partnership for joint development of their assets using CO2-EOR methods to realize bypassed, trapped oil otherwise unrecoverable through traditionally primary and secondary methods.
Recent News
• Denbury Announces Closing of Rocky Mountain Property Acquisition (3/28/2013)
• Elk Petroleum to start Grieve CO2 injection in February (1/23/2013)
• Trinity CO2 buying SandRidge Tertiary for $130M (6/4/2012)
• Abu Dhabi to Inject CO2 In Offshore Fields to Rise Output (5/28/2012)
• LINN Energy Announces $400 Million Joint Venture With Anadarko (4/3/2012)
• Enhanced Oil Resources Inc. Announces Completion of the Sale of St. Johns Dome (2/1/2012)
• CO2 injection begins in Illinois Basin (11/17/2011)
• Texas Clean Energy Project To Sell CO2 To Whiting Petroleum Corporation (7/20/2011)
• Denbury to Get Riley Ridge Unit (6/29/2011)
• ExxonMobil to Extract Additional Oil from West Texas Field (5/10/2011)
• Elk Petroleum announces update on Grieve Muddy CO2 Flood Project and Ash Creek (3/31/2011)
• Chaparral Energy Agrees to a CO2 Purchase and Sale Agreement With CVR Energy (3/29/2011)
Denbury to Buy CO2 (3/17/2011)
• Denbury’s Business Model Demonstrates Feasibility Of CO2 EOR In Mature Fields (2/1/2010)


1-Year Chart for Crude Oil Price (Source: CNN Money)

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